Shanghai Summer School

A Plan That Will Change the World

For centuries China was the center of the civilized world. It was the Middle kingdom, the land under the haven. Fortunes changed, but they keep on changing. Few decades ago there was no desire stronger than that of Chinese people to bring prosperity into their homes. What they did was inapprehensible. In 40 years they brought more than 800 million people from under the poverty line, forming a strong and still expanding middle class.

Now new plan is being put in action, one that will affect half of the world’s population and encompass 40 per cent of world’s GDP. One Road and Belt initiative will connect the world as it hasn’t been witnessed before. It plans the integration of the whole Afro-Eurasia supercontinent into one integrated whole. Centre of the plan, the dragging locomotive is also Chinese most important city – Shanghai.

From the Shanghai’s Yangtze river delta, crossing the vastness of Central Asia to the countries of Europe, web of railroads, highways, seaways, pipelines and electrical gridlines are to connect the economies of more than 60 countries. The economic component is not in the slightest the most important one though. New political connections could shake alliances that have stood for decades. For China and Central Asia this plan means realization of the world as they see it, as for us, the train has almost departed and it’s the last time to hop on.

There is no coincidence in the success of China. Every time I come to China I am more and more convinced that it couldn’t have happened anywhere else. Hard work seen on the streets (no matter the hour) leaves nothing to chance. Day or night, they work with better future in sight.

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